Research Interests

Information Literacy and Education: I specialize in information literacy skills assessment, students' perceptions of these skills, preventing academic plagiarism, and creating effective onboarding training for academic libraries.

Enhancing Library Services and User Engagement: I excel in improving library services and promoting user engagement through initiatives like self-paced library orientation programs and evaluating student engagement with digital primary sources.

Library Management and Leadership: I offer expertise in library management and leadership, including strategies for navigating downsizing, fostering change for student success, and understanding the qualifications needed for leadership positions.

Adapting to Digital Transformation: I help libraries adapt to digital changes through online onboarding, remote project management, and bridging the gap between in-person and virtual services using technology.

Leveraging Technology for Library Success: I leverage technology to optimize library outcomes, including utilizing action dashboards, assessing the accessibility of library tools and services, and exploring non-library applications of technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Library Innovation: My research focuses on the strategic integration of AI in libraries, emphasizing ethical policy-making and empowering librarians to lead in the digital transformation. I explore practical AI applications while advocating for responsible, user-centric library services, ensuring that technology enhances information access and literacy in the academic community.